4x2 Front wheel Drive vehicles in excellent conditions, Auto Accion is a car sales company established in Rohrmoser, Costa Rica. we imported 4x2 front wheel drive layout vehicles (Crossovers) in excellent quality and also, we have financing available, you could request it through to customer service platform (Telephone exchange or E-mail) Auto Accion has a plenty experience and leadership about car sales marketing, which allow to our customers buy any type of vehicle in excellent quality and flawless conditions. We Offer to Our customers warranty and support in your vehicles here in Costa Rica.

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5,100.00 USD

5 Passengers, Air Conditioning, Hydraulic Steering, Central Locking, Air Bags, Electric Glass, Cloth Upholstery, CD Player, Rear Defroster, Rear Wiper Blade.

  • 164451 Km
  • Año 2001

  • Alarm
  • Air conditioning
  • Power lock
  • Gasoline Fuel
  • Back defrost
  • Power steering
  • Back Wiper
  • Manual Transmission
  • American Model
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel
  • License plate ending in 8
  • 5 Passengers
  • Traccion 4x2
  • RTV to the day